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Web Development

Web development is an art which are getting updated very rapidly. When we say web it include (website, web apps, web Api and web services), web development have four working phases known:-

Designing : We always keep ourselves updated with new design techniques and technologies. Today where there are a lot of devices introduced in the market so is their different varieties of screen sizes, Hence we use responsive designs method to fit in every screen sizes.

Technology : We are working with wide range of technologies. We have team of individuals who are specialized and expert in the technologies they work in. We only recommend to use new technologies which will provide a full support and survive in future times too.

Storage : We have a team which specializes in databases. They have a working experience of a decade. Storage type will be selected on the basis of user's requirement of data.

Hosting : Hosting is important as it provides a specific environment for your web applications or websites. Quality of hosting defines your page quality, page speed and downloading or uploading speed. Hosting can be of two types Shared and Cloud.

Performance of Application depend on the selection of four phases described above. These phases are selected on basis of your pre-request, your budget and concurrent users.

Services - App-Horizon
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Services - App-Horizon

Mobile App Development

Today mobile app becomes the key for the growth of business, as this provides a power to interact with user and using today’s latest technology, it’s easy to understand your customer's request. In comparison with website today mobile app are easy to use, always connected with your client, and gives us better feedback to update our services and product.

Types Of App :

Native Apps : This apps are designed according to the targeted OS, these method is used when we have to use the power of OS and maximum features of device.

Hybrid App : Currently this is very popular as it’s easy to develop and customize. These are small in size compare to native, may be in some cases not give high performance if compared to native, these have their limitations. Benefit of these apps is that it will convert according to the platform we use.

In present days app development is not a big thing, but to make your app survive in user's device is. As we all know today we have zillions of apps with billions of services, but not enough space.

For survival of your app you need to fulfill some points.

It should have Great Design.

It should be User Friendly.

It should have Good Performance Level.

It should take Minimum Space after installation.

We follow all this aspects when designing a mobile app.

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