We’re a bunch of tech geeks obsessed with the idea that software development should be collaborative, and leave teams stronger at the finish than they were at the beginning.

Services We Provide

Web Application

Web development is an art which are getting updated very rapidly. When we say web it include (website, web apps, web Api and web services).

Mobile Application

Today mobile app becomes the key for the growth of business, as this provides a power to interact with user and using today’s latest technology it’s easy to understand your customer's request.

Don’t leave ideas in the pipeline,
let’s transform them into Applications

We believe application development is a creative orbit requiring a balanced blend of innovative thinking, competitive spirit, focus, and discipline. Our diversity in Android, iOS and windows services makes us unique. Our highly experienced mobile and web development team is accustomed to delivering customized applications by using advanced tools and technology, ensuring our creative solutions will help to accomplish your personal and business needs.

App-Horizon was created thinking about people like yourself and businesses like yours. Our mission is to improve the overall users experience while using the websites and apps, increasing conversion, brand trust and loyalty, while reducing time and money wasted.

Our Team goes to the extra mile to create original and unique applications and help in every stage of the development and even after the completion of the project. Our team is dedicated to turn your imaginations or views into a real world application or website.



Our goal is to help you get your valuable software into the hands of real users as fast as possible.

How We work With You

Our goal is to help you get your valuable software into the hands of real users as fast as possible.


Plan It

Let's meet up and chat, we will work with you to organize your thoughts and get it into a plan which we can act on.

Design It

Lets take your plan, and design up a rough wireframe for you and your team, then we design it in full colour.

Yay! Launch It

After your app is coded, we'll launch it to the Apple Appstore and Google Play store under your brand.